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The Central Arguments for the Imminence of the Rapture


A presentation of the central arguments supporting the view that the rapture could occur at any moment. This work seeks to identify the most critical arguments for a pretribulation rapture.

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The Coming of the Lord as an Extended Unified Complex of Events: A Proposed Response to the Two ‘Second Comings’ Objection to Pretribulationism


The debate regarding the timing of the rapture of the church has historically been based on the interpretation of certain “proof texts” and logical arguments. While there is certainly a need for those discussion to be had, they ultimately cannot provide more than a implied view. Any final determination, as much as that is possible, must come from the foundation of a biblical doctrine found throughout scripture. It is with this presupposition in mind that this dissertation was written. The Coming of the Lord theme is one of several themes that pervades scripture from Genesis to Revelation. This study examines the coming of the Lord theme and demonstrates that the rapture, as a rescue of the godly prior to judgment, is a fundamental element of that theme.

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